Standards of Conduct/Rules for Usage

Standards of Conduct/Rules of Usage

KeepItRealMC Blog and Twitter


  1. All information included is to be used as educational material only and is not to take the place of a professional evaluation.
  2. Do not include the name of any individual or any identifying characteristics  in your comments or posts
  3. If you have a question specific to yourself or that you want answered please send it in a direct message via twitter or a private message to the blog administrators.
  4.  The opinions on this blog do not reflect those of any umbrella organization whose staff are part of the county collaboration.
  5. IF you wish to maintain complete anonymity you can set up a burner email and twitter account to communicate with our sites.
  6. To ask a question send a DM to our Twitter account. Questions will be looked at by administrators only. Once questions are read all identifying information will be removed and will be answered in either/both our Twitter or Blog.
  7. All questions will be answered by a licensed professional.
  8. All information used will be derived from a pre-approved list of reliable sources. (For Full list check our Blog posts)

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