Ready to Have a Baby??

By Momma Duck (aka Kim Khuen)

Think about…

  • … that kid you couldn’t stand in second grade….
  • … the brat from sixth grade….
  • … the teens who are the complete opposite of you now….

Your kid will, at some point, act like one or all of these kids….and you have to love them anyway….

If you are 16 now and have a baby….you will be 21 when your child starts kindergarten…..most 21 year old people are close    to finishing college…..their first tour of duty….gaining seniority at a job (becoming a manager, supervisor, or team leader), you will be busy with letters, numbers and naps…

 When you turn 28 your child will begin middle school…..many people are getting married or buying a house at this time in their life… will be hoping your car keeps working so you can work and try to afford all the things a preteen kid needs and dealing with all the drama middle school brings….

 By the time your kid is in high school and turning 16 you will turn 32, while you are barely hanging on yourself, trying to keep up with all your parental responsibilities many of your high school friends will just now be having their babies…..they will have had almost two decades to go to school, start and build a career, get married, do many things in life they wanted to try, like traveling, sky diving, going to concerts and races…you will be sacrificing all you have and resenting all you never got to do, to help your kid go to prom, learn to drive, get good grades and just try to fit in and make friends…

 Some Facts

  • Babies need adult parents
  • Babies are stressful and needy
  • Babies demand ALL your time…ALL your money and ALL your energy
  • Babies DO NOT keep a couple together
  • Babies DO NOT make you grown up

 The Best Time to have a baby is when

  • You have graduated high school
  • You have accomplished MANY things you’ve wanted too
  • You are HAPPILY married
  • You have a home, a safe home, your own home!
  • You have supportive family & friends
  • You are emotionally stable
  • You have a positive self image
  • You are able and willing to live on one income

 We talk about and think about so many things each day; what to wear, what to do, who to hang out with….Don’t let the BIGGEST decision of your life be an accident…..think about and talk about becoming a parent…know what will be best for you and more so for your future child….the child you bring into this world will need you, ALL of you for 18 to 20 years so unless you are ready to give up EVERYTHING for that long talk to an adult you trust about your options…..know how to say NO….not having sex puts you in charge of your body and your feelings… are in control and should feel good about being in control…not having sex shows respect for your beliefs, values, and your health…respect not just who you are now but who you will be in the next 15 years… deserve those years, to do and try anything and all things your heart desires and your future child needs you to have those years too so when the time IS right you can be the best you and the best parent you can be!


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