Safety Apps

By: Katie Spriggs and Rose Jackson

circle of 6

Circle of 6

“A free safety app that prevents violence before it happens” Available for iPhone & Android

This student app allows users to create a group (circle) of six contacts of their choice. If you lose track of your friends, are traveling alone, or want to alert someone that you are in a dangerous situation, this app will send a message with a map and GPS location of where you are to your circle and the local emergency units.



“The fastest way to connect to authorities, family & friends, when you need help.” Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone

This safety app provides real-time emergency incident monitoring and communication. It acts as an instant two-way communication with safety groups, local authorities and nearby security. One special feature that this student app offers is that it allows you to set up specific types of emergency situations such as allergy emergencies or traveling alone situations as well as accompanying contacts to be notified for each type of incident.



“Turns your cellphone into the ultimate safety app.” Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry (beta)

This safety app is a mobile-based safety alarm. Upon downloading the app, a red button will appear on the phone screen. When the red button is pressed, a siren will go off, a video recording will start, and the emergency contacts that you chose (which can include 911), will be alerted with a message of your GPS location and the recorded video

Panic guard

Panic Guard

Safety fast.” Available for iPhone & Android

Similar to the bSafe app, this student app also tracks your location, alerts police and your previously selected contacts, and secretly records your attacker. This app differs in that it can be activated through tapping and also shaking the phone. It also continues to track your location so that if you leave the original scene, emergency authorities will know your current location.

my force

My Force

“Never walk alone.” Available for iPhone, Android & Blackberry

This safety app acts as a personal safety service that connects you to a live security team that instantly starts communicating with you, recording and tracking your activity, and contacting local emergency services.

on watch

On Watch

“The award-winning personal safety app for college students.” Available for iPhone & Android

This safety app was created specifically for college students. It offers six customizable alert options that allow you to notify friends, family, local police or 911 via text, email, phone call or Facebook. This app also offers a “watch my back” service that allows you to set a timer for a certain amount of time. When the allotted time is up, if you do not turn off the timer, your chosen contacts will be alerted of your GPS location.