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 Morgan County Teens asked and we answered!

STD questions:

What are genital warts? 

Most commonly caused sexually transmitted infection, caused by the human papillomavirus, can infect male and female genitals as well as the mouth. Passed on to others through sex.   CDC Genital Warts Fact Sheet May be asymptomatic. Not always visible

How are herpes spread?

Direct contact with active lesions/sores by either the mouth, genital, or skin CDC Genital Herpes Fact Sheet Not always visible

How are STDs spread?

Spread through vaginal, oral, and anal sex STD Fact Sheets

How many times do you have to have sex before you get an STD?

It can happen the first time you have vaginal, oral or anal. STDs are not keeping count

More information about diseases?

STD Fact Sheets , Sexual Health Basics, The local Health Dept

How do you know if you have HIV?

A blood test. If you are sexually active, you should get tested

Can you be born with an STD?

Yes, herpes, chlamydia, syphillis, most all can be passed from mother to child

What are your chances of getting an STD?

If you have sex (oral, anal, vaginal) without a condom you are at high risk of contracting an STD.

What is trichomoniasis?

A parasite STD, 50% of people are asymptomatic

How is gonorrhea spread? Is there a cure?

Bacteria spread through anal, oral or vaginal sex. It can be treated with medication, see your health care provider. There however are new strains of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea

How did STD’s start? Meaning how did they evolve?

Most originated in animals and made the leap to humans, usually by exposure to blood

How do STDs form?

What is the chance of getting an STD when using a condom?

The risk is less, but its not fool proof. Using a condom is SAFER sex, not SAFE sex. Condoms do a better job of protecting women than they do of protecting men from STDs

How do you get STDs?

Any type of anal, oral or vaginal sexual contact, exposure to infected body fluids, and intravenous drug use.

How many, out of 10, people have an STD? 

Statistics show 1 out of every 4 people

How can you get STDs from sex?

Exchange of body fluids and skin to skin contact with viruses or bacteria.

What is an STD?

A sexually transmitted disease t

Can a woman transmit an STD when giving birth to the baby?


What STDs are life-threatening?

Most STDs can be life-threatening; genital warts is linked to cancer; HIV leads to AIDS; Syphyllis left untreated causes insanity and death; Hepatitis causes liver failure

What do AIDS do to your body? 

The simple answer is it greatly decreases your immune system. For more information visit 

How do new STDs happen? Like when was AIDS, HIV things like that formed?

HIV was first identified in the 1970’s, but it wasn’t well understood until the 1980’s, treatments began in the 1980’s.  Most widely believed theory is that it originated in Green Monkeys and was spread through contact with blood during butchering for food (bush meat).

How many STDs are there?

There are 17 forms

What is the least common STD?

HIV is low on the list,and Hepatitis C is more likely to be spread through blood than sexually transmitted.

What is the most common STD?

HPV in West Virginia

Can you get AIDS from anal?


What is the worst STD you can catch?

Any of them. If you are having sex wear a condom, but abstinence is the safest thing to do

Can herpes go airborne?


How do you not get diseases, like STDs?

Use protection, remain abstinent, or delay sexual activity until STD testing has been done for both you and your partner and you are both committed to a monogamous relationship. Protection helps BUT is not even close to fool proof.

Pregnancy/Birth Control Questions

What are the side effects of birth control?

Common side effects are headache, weight gain, or weight loss. Ask your health care provider or your pharmacist about your specific type of birth control

How do you know which birth control is better?

Talk to your Dr. about what is best for you

How do girl condoms work?

The opposite of male condoms, its a tube like bag placed in the vagina

How long does it take to determine if you’re pregnant?

It could take as long as 28 days

How does the birth process happen?

The birth process is very different for different women.

If a woman gives birth, can she curse at the man all she wants?

IF she so desires, but he probably won’t like it

What does it mean when a pregnant girl has blood pouring out of her but doesn’t have a miscarriage?


Where do babies come from?

When the sperm and the egg meet, form a zygote, start multiplying and attach to the uterine wall, very quickly forms into a fetus

Does Labor hurt?

Yes, but each woman’s experience is different

Can you get pregnant if you haven’t started your period?

If you have started ovulating, yes

Do teen moms make good moms and do the fathers usually stay?

Teenage mothers often don’t have the resources or experience to provide their child with all they need.

8 out of 10 teen Fathers do not marry the mother of their child

How do you breastfeed?, Breastfeeding is important to the development of a child’s immune system and has positive impact on brain development.

Does breastfeeding hurt?

Sometimes a little For more information or

Why do you swell up when you get pregnant?

Change of hormones, weight gain

Can you get pregnant, even when you use protection?

Yes, 40% of married couples using condoms get pregnant.

Are two condoms safer than one?

NO, they are less safe

What are the chemical ingredients of a condom?

Most commonly latex, some from polyurethane, some from sheep intestines,

How do you know which condoms work?

All condoms work SOMETIMES, its important to store condoms properly, use adequate lubrication, and follow package directions

Which condom is most durable?

There is little difference brand to brand.  The durability of a condom depends on storage, user, and lubrication more so than the brand.

Can females wear condoms too?

Yes, female condoms are made specifically for women to wear

Can you still breastfeed when your nipples are pierced?

If you take the piercing out, however scar tissue can build up that interferes with breastfeeding. Its on a case by case basis.

Does underage sex cause birth defect in the baby as opposed to sex at an appropriate age that is legal?

Women who haven’t reached full maturity are more likely to have problematic births. So its not about legality, but about development

What is the surgery called that stops a woman’s menstrual cycle?


How do you know if you are pregnant?

Missed Period, positive pregnancy test. If you think you are pregnant please contact your healthcare provider or the health department

Is it healthy to get pregnant when you are a teenager?

It is healthy only after reaching full physical maturity and you should talk to your gynecologist about whether it is healthy for you personally to become pregnant. Pregnancy presents emotional and mental health risks as well, so please speak with your dr.

What is the average number of Thursdays a pregnant woman goes through?

Women are encouraged to try and make it full term which is 40 weeks, so 40 Thursdays.

What are some safe ways to have sex without a condom?

Sex always carries certain risks, the are no completely safe ways. Anything that doesn’t include body fluids is safer.

What is the best thing a guy can do for his pregnant partner?

Support her

How do women get their tubes tied and the procedure for it?

Laproscopic procedure and a small incision

When you have sex, can you get pregnant on your period?


Why do guys not want to use protection?

A guy who doesn’t want to use protection is being selfish, someone who cares about you wants to protect you.

General Sex Questions:

Can People over 300 lbs have sex?


Can People get hurt with sex?

Yes, sex is always accompanied by risks. There is no such thing as risk free sex

What is the difference between Health Class and Sex-Ed class?

Health class has a variety of health issues and health maintenance

Why can’t we learn about sexual education in school?

West Virginia allows for sex ed in the state CSO’s , but often parents are uncomfortable with it being taught.

If you’re a lesbian how do you lose your virginity?

Breaking of the hymen can occur without sexual activity and female to female sexual activity can involve penetration.

Is it bad to have sex before marriage?

Sex always includes the risk of pregnancy even while using birth control. Therefore you should never have sex with someone you are not prepared and willing to have children with.

Why do girls judge the size of men’s privates?

Individuals have different personal preferences, men and women make personal judgements about each other’s bodies.

Does sex hurt the first time?

It varies from person to person

Why does it hurt at first, then gets better and less painful?

If the hymen is unruptured, then breaking through it can cause discomfort and pain.

Is it common to be really scared to have sex for the first time?

If the thought of sex frightens you, you are probably not ready to have sex. Fear is our body’s way of warning us to stay away from something.

Why does it hurt the first time?

See above

When a woman has sex first time, will it hurt?

Often yes, depends on the person

Why do people get addicted to sex? 

There are a number of mental illnesses related to sexuality.

Why does only one sperm make it to the egg?

On occasion two sperm make it to the egg at the same time, and that is when you get twins.  Once the sperm has made it to the egg, the egg changes its structure which prevents other sperm from attaching.

Why are there so many sex positions?

Cultural and personal preference.  Some cultures endorse only one sexual position, other cultures are more diverse in their preferences. The important thing is that both partners have the capacity to consent and are comfortable with the position and sexual act.

Why is it not healthy before the age of 18?

Nothing magic about the age of 18, what is more important is physical, emotional, and mental maturity.  Most people have not reached full maturity by the age of 18.

Why do some (most) guys only want sex?

A guy interested in you only for sex is selfish and immature. Don’t fall for it!

 Why do boys want it so bad?

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men, Estrogen is the primary sex hormone in women.Once fully mature and in a healthy monogamous relationship it is common for men and women to desire sex with their partner.  OFten men are more sexually forward than their female counterparts, and that is largely related to how testosterone affects their brain

How do you know when you are ready to have sex?

When you are in a committed monogamous relationship with another adult who has the capacity to consent. When you are prepared to be responsible for the potential  consequences of your actions. When both partners are equally interested.

Why do people have sex for fun? 

Sex can be very fulfilling when its between consenting partners at a time in your life when you are fully prepared to face the consequences.

Why do some girls like it up the butt?

Do you have to always be naked while have sex?

Is anal safer?

What’s the difference between sex and making love?

When does your penis stop growing?

How do you get a female to have an orgasm?

Why do guys always act mean about sex?

What do you do if your penis is too big for anal?

How does sex work?

Does marijuana kill men’s sperm cells and cause them to not be able to produce any kids? Why?

When you’re in a relationship, when do you know when you should take it to the next level?

What is circumcision?

Why do people Feel like sex is important to have in high school?

Why is is as teenagers we believ that sex is cool when it could mentally hurt someone?

What is the safest way to have sex?

What age would be appropriate to have sex and wouldn’t affect you mentally?

What should you do if you or a friend has been raped?

Is it possible to break a penis?

Could something go wrong after not having sex for a long time, then suddenly start a lot?

Why are men’s penis’ different colors then their skin color?

Is it healthy to sleep with two or more people at the same time?





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